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Building in Wales?

Make sure you're up to date with the latest Building Regulation changes …

The National Assembly for Wales have responsibility for devolved powers which includes making some of its own independent laws. From a Building Regulation perspective, the most notable of these new laws was the introduction of Regulation 37A which mandates the installation of sprinkler systems within residential developments.

The latest changes on the way are to Part G and Part Q, which come into force on the 01st November 2018.


Part G – Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency

· Water usage within a newly erected dwelling is reduced to from 125 to 110 litres per person per day. The 125 litres per person per day will remain as a requirement where a change of use takes place.

· Requirement G2A is introduced to help control the usage of water within new buildings and extensions to buildings that are not dwellings (health care buildings are also exempt). The technical guidance to assist in compliance with the regulation is straight forward. Essentially, the calculated water consumption (based on manufactures declared value) for Sanitary Conveniences, wash hand basins and showers should not exceed the values given in Table 2.2 (below). Kitchen taps, washing machines etc. are exempt.

Table 2.2 Maximum fittings consumption


Part Q – Security (Dwellings)

· Part Q and requirement Q1 to provide reasonable provision to deter or resit unauthorised access is introduced. This brings Wales in line with England whom introduced Part Q in 2015 however the Welsh document contains an additional requirement to consider lighting.

· Guidance is provided on door and windows design as well as guidance on independent accreditation of these under PAS 24: 2016.

· Section 3, which is not included within the English

version of the Approved Document makes recommendation to include external lighting at all entrance doors into dwellings and common areas of flats.


Details of these changes as well as links to download the new guidance is available from Welsh Government website.

Don’t forget that there are some other significant differences between the English and Welsh guidance such as Part L – Conservation of Fuel & Power or the fact that Part N – Glazing Safety is still in use within Wales.

C3 Design Approvals work across England and Wales on a broad spectrum of buildings. For expert advice on the above as well as any other building regulation matters please get in touch with us.

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