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It’s heating up in Part L -1B

Blink and you would have missed it, however guidance to Building Regulation Part L was changed last week with a revised Approved Document being announced and coming into force all within a week.

Approved Document L1B covers guidance on how to achieve compliance with Part L - Conservation of Fuel & Power within existing dwellings and was last updated in 2016. The changes this time are only minor and reflect amendments to the minimum efficiency requirements for gas and oil-fired boilers when installed or replaced within an existing dwelling. These revised standards are contained within the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide which has also been updated for 2018. The Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide is an important companion to the Approved Document and provides a wealth of guidance on minimum efficiency, control and zoning requirements for heating, ventilation and lighting.

The new rules come into force on the 6th April 2018 however projects with an Initial Notice registered prior to this date may follow the previous revision of guidance. It should be noted that where works are carried out by a registered competent person as part of an approved self-certification scheme an Initial Notice is not required.

Copies of the Approved Document and the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide can be downloaded for free here …

9th April 2018

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